Creating a Git Repo is a Waste of Time

UPDATE I’ve been able to get Gitorious working on CentOS 6. Still some headaches but not nearly as bad as I was having when I first attempted here! Here’s some info on getting CentOS 6 on a Windows Active Directory Domain. Here’s how to setup TortoiseGit and Msysgit after you get LDAP working in Gitorious. Want to throw several hours of your life away and never get them back? Easy. Try setting up a Git repository server. Worst experience ever. I wanted to get (ha; no pun intended) on the Git bandwagon and use it for a project at work and … Continue reading

Byobu – Text-Based Window Management At Its Finest

I’ve been a screen user on Ubuntu for a long time. When I first saw the magic of screen I too was lured into the thinking that you can do everything from a CLI, even multi-task! After setting up Ubuntu on my Dell laptop I have been enjoying the latest Unity interface. I really haven’t had the need to fire up the command line to do much work. However, as it has been with all of the Ubuntu setups I’ve used I had to get into some configuration files to make some system adjustments. I’m not knocking the fact that I … Continue reading

Dell Ubuntu Laptop

So I have this Dell Latitude D630 that’s straight out of 2008, which, I may point out, is like medieval times in terms of technology. Simply put this computer has a “Designed for Microsoft Windows XP” sticker on it. However, it has an Intel Centrino Duo processor and 4 GiB of RAM. Basically, it’s netbook specs in a laptop sized case (maybe, not but you get the picture). I acquired this laptop in a retired state. The keys are worn but all the letter markings remain and the battery holds a charge for 30 minutes. helped me find a good replacement … Continue reading