RC Aircraft

I can remember the when I fell in love with RC aircraft. My dad took me with him when he purchased a Schluter MiniBoy. I wrote a rant on RC helicopters a while back. I was upset at the time because I really wanted to take my involvement with the hobby to a higher level. The fact that I failed at the beginning was wearing on me. I got my 450 clone and started looking at what I needed to do in order to make it flight ready. My first pass found that the gear drive for the belt system to the tail … Continue reading

RC Helicopters

TREX 450 Clone

People say that if you get a boat it’s like throwing money into a hole in the water. Others point out that if you have a pool it’s like having a concrete pond into which you throw all of your money. RC modelers basically throw their money into the air and it never comes back. What Goes Up… So it all started when I was about 5… Well, my dad bought a MiniBoy RC helicopter when I was a kid. I remember it being awesome. It actually looks surprising a lot like this one: Years later I got him a … Continue reading