DX18 Template Editing Application

Update: SPMReader Announcement I’ve decided to go ahead and create a parser type application for SPM files. Please read more here: Announcing SPMReader I’m looking to start a new software project. I have a Spektrum DX18 2.4 GHz radio which I use to fly my model aircraft. It’s an impressive radio. One of the cool features is that you can move data files to and from the radio’s internal memory to a SD card. The idea is that you can take the file and back it up or give it to others for use as a template. Using the export/import … Continue reading

Xceed Community DataGridControl Watermark Removal

Update 2 I put together a sample application to show this code working. I’m all for accreditation of code. Especially when it is released open source. However, when your open source code contains an “unremovable” watermark it seems to me that has crossed a line. Why not just release a closed-source lite version of the software and retain rights to it. For the record I could easily download your source and remove the offending watermark code. I decided to do the community a favor and post an extension for the Xceed Grid from the Extended WPF Toolkit to remove the watermark in C#. … Continue reading