JGMaker Artist-D IDEX 3D – Kickstarter Campaign

JGMaker Artist-D IDEX 3D Printer

This is my review of the JGMaker’s Artist-D 3D Printer. This will be a multi-post series where I discuss the Kickstarter Campaign and a review of the printer that I received. In this piece I will briefly introduce you to the JGMaker Artist-D 3D printer and provide an overview of my experience with the Kickstarter campaign that produced the printer I received. In a follow-up I will dive deeper into the technical side of the printer and discuss my impressions and observations. Artist-D IDEX 3D Printer The Artist-D is an IDEX 3D printer that JGMaker brought to life through a … Continue reading

PowerUp 3.0 Kickstarter? Kickstarted!

A few months ago I participated in my first kickstarter project. When I saw PowerUp 3.0 – Smartphone Controlled Airplane I knew I HAD to get in on the ground floor. Today I got my backer reward! I was actually really surprised by how well it was packed. I’ve never encountered this type of bubble wrap. I hope more companies move to this type as it appears to provide very good protection without adding very much bulk.   The reward level that I pledged: PERFECT PACKAGE — Fly your PowerUp 3.0 airplane non-stop. Charge one while you fly the other. Includes 1 … Continue reading