Google Voice Down?

Is Google Voice Down for anyone? I can’t seem to send text messages or get folder contents back on my Android phone. I really like Google Voice but why does Google treat it like a bastard child? It is so powerful and offers Google so many more marketing and advertising options. I hope they get this issue worked out soon. Edit: Looks like it is back up this morning.

Google Reader Shuttered


It’s not really news that Google has been closing services recently. Most of them truly have a limited user base and probably cost more for Google to maintain than were profitable. When I mean profitable I mean both as a revenue generating manner through ads, technology proving ground, or user information gathering. This is why it is very hard for me to believe that Google is now closing Google Reader. Yes, you read that correctly.  Google will be powering down Google Reader as of July 1st of this year. I have watched other Google services close and often thought to myself, … Continue reading