Increasing External Speaker Sound in CM11

UPDATE: Flash-able zip now available. UPDATE2: From some research the snd_soc_msm is Qualcomm specific. After looking at the file/directory name it actually becomes a little more evident: “sound, system-on-a-chip, Mobile Station Modem”. The following post should apply to recent Android phones with Qualcomm a MSM8960 chipset. I have never really been super happy with how my phone sounds while running CyanogenMod. It isn’t the sound quality that bothers me. It is the fact that the phone sounds much quieter than what I think it should be. Being that I pretty much left TouchWiz as soon as a version of CM … Continue reading

Cyanogen, Inc.

If you haven’t been following the Android news cycle lately you may have missed the news that the team behind CyanogenMod has now formed Cyanogen, Inc. The team has taken on $7 million in investment to create a user-friendly alternative to the skinned versions of the Android OS that ship on most manufacturers phones. This is a very interesting development in the Android community. The CyanogenMod team and its community are, in my opinion, responsible for a large portion of the development of the ideal mobile OS. They’ve chosen to build their ROM on top of the Android Open Source … Continue reading

Speed Your Android Phone Up, ROM IT!

I’m planning on getting the topic of ROMing your Android phone in the future, however I’ve been asked a few times as of late how to make your Android phone faster and what am I running on my phone to make it blazing fast. The simple answer is that I’ve rooted, unlocked my bootloader for a custom kernel, and am running a custom ROM. The more complex answer, and this is for the more initiated of those Android users out there, is that I’m running an unofficial nightly of CyanogenMod 10.1. Say What? So I have a Galaxy S3 by … Continue reading