Interesting Links

One of my most hated things about a blog which has a good set of articles and knowledge that I find valuable is that most of that information is contained within the confines of whatever software that particular blog is using. My top gripe in this regards is where the authors got their information or where I can find more information regarding what they find interesting.

Here’s my list broken down by categories.

Technology and Programming


  • Droid-Life – Great Andriod news, especially if you’re a Verizon customer
  • XDA-Developers – General powerhouse in Android development.
  • Rootz Wiki – Key knowledgebase for Android hacking and development



  • Google+ – Seriously, drop Facypages

I swear that this page is not created in an effort to link/blog spam or create some kind of SEO nightmare. Just thought everyone would like to know what I read on a daily basis.

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