Logitec MX Master Mouse

I’m a mouse snob. Software engineering pretty much takes place at a computer. So I work at a computer about 9 hours a day during the work week. It therefore goes that I will use the computer peripherals that best meet my needs and comfort. I could go on about my keyboard, monitors, any of the stuff on my desk, etc. but today I’m going with pure mouse snobbery. The first mouse I fell head over heals for was the Microsoft Intellimouse. I hadn’t immediately jumped on the optical mouse bandwagon. When I did I went for one that had … Continue reading

Watch Manufacturers Sending Take Down Notices to FaceRepo

If you read my last post about FaceRepo and Facer I mentioned that I made some watch faces that were clones of Breitling watches. FaceRepo was also a great place to find Rolex, Omega, and other watch faces. Like all good things the sharing of those faces has come to an end. The hosting of copyrighted content has caused many sites to come under fire from content creators. Luckily a provision in the DMCA, the safe harbor clause, allows those sites to give resolution to content creators by taking down user uploaded content that violates copyright rules without the fear of those same creators … Continue reading

My First Android App Published

PowerUp 3.0 is out and is awesome! The official app can only control one PowerUp module at a time. While this isn’t bad nor does it detract from the use of the PowerUp 3.0, I really wanted to be able to fly an aircraft that had more than one module attached. The source was made available GitHub! I forked it! I added in the ability to bind two modules. One module can be bound as “left” and setup on the left side of the aircraft. Another module can be bound as “right” and set on the right side of the … Continue reading

PowerUp 3.0 Kickstarter? Kickstarted!

A few months ago I participated in my first kickstarter project. When I saw PowerUp 3.0 – Smartphone Controlled Airplane I knew I HAD to get in on the ground floor. Today I got my backer reward! I was actually really surprised by how well it was packed. I’ve never encountered this type of bubble wrap. I hope more companies move to this type as it appears to provide very good protection without adding very much bulk.   The reward level that I pledged: PERFECT PACKAGE — Fly your PowerUp 3.0 airplane non-stop. Charge one while you fly the other. Includes 1 … Continue reading

Home Theater Refresh (Pioneer SC-1223-K Review)

Recently my Sony receiver, which has been with me through college, finally gave up the ghost. I’ve been in limbo on what would make a good replacement. After doing some research and coming to one conclusion and then after seeing the reviews I changed my mind and ended up deciding on the Pioneer SC-1223-K Receiver. Tech Spec My old Sony most likely subcomed to heat failure. It also didn’t have any HDMI inputs. The tech in it was also from a time past, when 5.1 just became a “thing”. For its replacement I wanted to get something that was not so much future … Continue reading

Cyanogen, Inc.

If you haven’t been following the Android news cycle lately you may have missed the news that the team behind CyanogenMod has now formed Cyanogen, Inc. The team has taken on $7 million in investment to create a user-friendly alternative to the skinned versions of the Android OS that ship on most manufacturers phones. This is a very interesting development in the Android community. The CyanogenMod team and its community are, in my opinion, responsible for a large portion of the development of the ideal mobile OS. They’ve chosen to build their ROM on top of the Android Open Source … Continue reading

Open Flight Stabilizer for the Orange RS3X

Update July 14th, 2015: I originally wrote this article 2 years ago. I’ve gone through and updated some of the links and text. Most notably there is much more in terms of availability for some of the parts such as the USBAsp and flashing tool. Also, Orange RX now has more product in the US warehouses including a stabilizer combined with a 6-ch RX. Open Flight Stabilizer I recently purchased a V2 version of the Orange RS3X from HobbyKing.com. It’s a pretty nice little stabilizer for the price. My only real gripe after trying it is that Hobby King takes … Continue reading

VMWare OVFTool Domain User Note

So I am in the process of migrating my TFS boxes from their consumer grade hardware to an actual datacenter. The datacenter is setup for Active Directory on our corporate domain. I didn’t want to have a server administrator account created just for these moves and I knew our team wasn’t going to let me have that amount of access. I wanted to use the technique I described here. Anyhow, I found this today. Basically you need to URL encode anything in the “vi” URI.  vi://WINDOMAIN%5cAdministrator:password@host/ The bolded part would be the “\” in your domain. I hope this helps someone!

Xposed Framework – Proposed Solution

After my post on Google Wallet and the Xposed Framework I’ve done some thinking to see if there was some sort of solution to the security issue that is inherent in the Xposed Framework. It hit me. The answer is kind of obvious. My big gripe with the Xposed Framework is that it operates with impunity. Once a module is added to the white list, either through user interaction or a malicious action, there are no more checks done to insure that the functionality which is being altered is acceptable to the user. With standard root access there is a … Continue reading

Xposed Framework And Google Wallet

It turns out that Google Wallet was updated the other day. I know this because I recently flashed Paranoid Android and had wallet auto-update on me when I was trying to reinstall it. I was able to get it working by removing the Wallet and the update, opening the Play Store, disabling auto-updates, and then re-installing wallet (adb push /system/app). Being on that always wants to be on the bleeding edge I immediately looked around the internet for the latest patched version. The two threads that I follow on XDA relating to wallet seemed to be in a bit of … Continue reading