Well, the wind calmed down tremendously but it still seems to have affected the swim. It appears that the swim was shortened or altered. Now I wait while the wife bikes.

Windy Day For A Race

It’s very windy here at Vinoy Park. If it stays this windy I don’t know if they’ll do the swim. It might become too copy. It will make the bike suck for sure!

Triathlon Photography

There is something I love about time trial bikes. The sweet sweet lines. The knowledge of all the engineering work that has gone into making them. They just look so damn cool. I created a little gallery of pictures of some of my favorites that I’ve taken over the years. [AFG_gallery id=’1′] These pictures just represent a small amount of what I’ve taken in terms of sports photography. I’m kind of in a photography (and hobby) rut at the moment. I have broken some of my gear and need to enhance my kit some more. Hopefully soon I’ll be able … Continue reading