Update on FAA’s 400ft Guideline

This is an update to my last post about the FAA’s 400ft guideline. Ever since the proposed registration was announced RCGroups’ Sailplane Talk forum had a discussion on the 400ft rule. I was catching up on some of the discussion there when I saw a post that mentioned that the AMA met with the FAA over some of the major concerns that members had with the wording placed on their site and in the safety material that was being used. A link to an article titled FAA Advocacy Meeting January 15 and 16 was in the post. Several important things were mentioned regarding … Continue reading

FAA’s Ridiculous Drone Registration

Recently, the FAA has mandated the registration of all sUAS which are greater than 250 grams. This was done because of the reckless use of “drones” or multi-rotors by people in highly populated areas and near airports. According to the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, HR 658, a community based organization, or CBO, can oversee model aircraft so long as the aircraft operate within the guidelines of the rules outlined. A gross simplification of this means that in the special rule a set of guidelines were prescribed and a CBO would make sure that its members followed those rules. The Aeronautical Model Association, or … Continue reading

Sbach 342 Maiden Flight

I got an Sbach 342 from GeneralHobby.com in July and finally got it up in the air a week ago. I hit the prop on a sub-par landing and I’m now waiting on a replacement. Oh well, hopefully the 3-blade 15×13.75 will be a bit better than the 17×8 I had on it! I’ll come up with a little more comprehensive review on the plane’s flight characteristics and my overall opinion on it in a later thread. The first flight went great and I was pretty impressed by it. My brother filmed the whole thing. We’ll work on his camera work for the next … Continue reading

Moving Between GoDaddy Hosts

For the life of this blog I’ve been using GoDaddy’s Economy hosting which was thrown in free with my domain name registration. The option was a very, very basic one, just designed to do some basic website hosting. My guess it was more for the use of parking the domain or doing a basic, “I’m Here!” site. Their documentation said that WordPress couldn’t be hosted on it. I didn’t see why it couldn’t and in the end proved you could by  hosting this blog. Now I don’t receive a ton of traffic, about 250 hits a day. I had no … Continue reading

Mixing Communities is Like Mixing Groups of Friends

If you’ve ever introduced two groups of friends which you normally don’t hang out with at the same time you may have noticed some awkwardness. One group may think you’re this really outgoing and wild person while the other thinks you’re reserved and quiet, as in mixing your college buddies with your co-worker friends. I’ve found that this is the same when you try to cross between communities on the Internet. With social interactions in real life there are subtle things that can make a difference, tone of voice, body language, etc. With Internet communities there are still norms but … Continue reading

One Hundred Posts

Well, I’ve been doing this whole personal blog thing for over two years. Yesterday marked my 100th post! With that post I’m on a 1:.24 post to comment ratio! At the moment I’m just short of 54K views and seeing between 2,500 and 3,000 views a month. I don’t think those are that bad for a pretty obscure blog by someone that isn’t known in any large web community. I am impressed that overthe last couple of years I’ve written some pretty popular articles: True/False (Boolean) Values in PowerShell Increasing External Speaker Sound in CM11 Open Flight Stabilizer for the … Continue reading

Moto360 Thoughts

I’ve had my Motorola Moto360 watch with Android Wear for a little under a week now. It may seem like it’s a little soon to write up a review, but this device has fit so nicely into my daily routine that I think I can make several comments on it now. Hardware The look of the watch is what really drew me to it. A round screen is just so intriguing! The Moto360 looks like a watch. There comes a certain expectation of wearing something on one’s wrist. The Moto360 fits into the fashionable and functional areas perfectly. Overall, the display … Continue reading

Where is Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Headed?

I decided to a little spring cleaning recently. I got onto LinkedIn, Monster.com, and Careers.StackOverflow.com to update my resume. After some refreshing I decided to punch some info into the various job searches just to see what would show up. You know, not even testing the waters, but looking to see what people are looking to fill. Mobile development, native and web, seems to be a hot place to be. Having experience in “open” languages like Java, Ruby, PHP, etc also seem to be highly sought for in a developer. I decided to look for the stuff that I work … Continue reading

Customer Service – OneAll

Good customer service is always appreciated. The old adage, “a customer that has a good experience will tell his friends where as a customer that has a bad experience will tell everyone they meet,” holds very true. I want to let everyone I know which reads this blog know about some very good customer service that I received even when I didn’t even know that I needed it. This morning I received the following email from oneall.com regarding my social login plugin service for this blog: Hi Michael, Please take a few minutes to setup your Social Login Plugin for LinkedIn. … Continue reading