About Mike

I'm a software engineer. Look into the about page for more information about me.

RC Helicopters

TREX 450 Clone

People say that if you get a boat it’s like throwing money into a hole in the water. Others point out that if you have a pool it’s like having a concrete pond into which you throw all of your money. RC modelers basically throw their money into the air and it never comes back. What Goes Up… So it all started when I was about 5… Well, my dad bought a MiniBoy RC helicopter when I was a kid. I remember it being awesome. It actually looks surprising a lot like this one: Years later I got him a … Continue reading

Best Plot Summary of Willy Wonka Ever

My Daughter’s Other Aunt

My sister is very, very happy that she is an aunt. However, my daughter has another aunt who is equally happy that she has a niece. Let me introduce you to her. My sister-in-law is Sara. She is a very nice English teacher. Hopefully she doesn’t take too much offense at my slander of the English language. Sara loves to run! Her sister (my wife) did the Disney Marathon last year. They’re funny when you get them together. Hopefully this will fulfill my obligation to embarrasses Sara on my blog!

Triathlon Photography

There is something I love about time trial bikes. The sweet sweet lines. The knowledge of all the engineering work that has gone into making them. They just look so damn cool. I created a little gallery of pictures of some of my favorites that I’ve taken over the years. [AFG_gallery id=’1′] These pictures just represent a small amount of what I’ve taken in terms of sports photography. I’m kind of in a photography (and hobby) rut at the moment. I have broken some of my gear and need to enhance my kit some more. Hopefully soon I’ll be able … Continue reading

Evernote – Never Forget Anything!

My first thought when I heard about Evernote was, “oh, a note taking app. I’m not in school taking classes. Why the heck would I need something like that?” I was completely wrong. I had a complete misconception on what type of notes Evernote takes. I also had a complete misconception on Evernote’s use. If you have never heard of this application/service I suggest reading on!

Moonrise Kingdom

Awesome! Completely amazing! Breaks all contemporary Hollywood molds of story telling! That’s exactly what I would say if I were a critic.  In all honesty it is the best movie I have seen in a long time.

Actual First Post

So, I’ve finally got the basics set up of my WP site.  Learning some of this WP stuff is very interesting!  I guess after a Hello World post to make sure everything is working I should actually write a first post.