About Me

Who Are You?

I am Mike. Here’s my CV.

What Do You Do?

Short answer: I am a software engineer.  I write code.  The longer answer is that I develop enterprise level applications for a company that is in the human resources industry.  I’ve written web applications using ASP.NET, C#, jQuery, and a host of other web languages.  Currently I’m working more on the desktop providing utility support applications for the company’s internal customers.  I love writing in .NET and C#.  I’ve become quite involved with WPF and have grown to embrace the MVVM design pattern.

Why Write a Blog?

I’ve started this blog as a way to better my communication skills.  One of my most important goals is to not make this a blog about blogging.  If I become an echo chamber of the meta-blog world I have accomplished nothing.  I want to voice my thoughts on life, my profession, and experiences.

Anything Else?

Yes! I have a lovely wife and a daughter.  It’s been a great time being a husband.  The wild ride of being a father has just started and can only continue to make life exciting!


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