Florida Soaring Society 2016 Wrap-up

The scores for 2016 were recently posted for the FSS 2016 events.

Here are the results for the year:


Rank Pilot Contests Flown Scored Points Yearly Average
1 John Kennedy 11 7808 824
2 Mike Naylor 10 7648 830
3 Michael Gardner 9 7483 831
4 Jamie Mercado 8 7460 932
5 Steve Blake 7 6174 882


Rank Pilot Contests Flown Scored Points Yearly Average
1 Raed Elazzaw 14 8668 915
2 Jody Miller 8 7700 962

Wow! 3rd place finish! This is my second year of flying competitively so I’m very pleased. John, Mike, Jamie, and Steve also flew really, really well. Jamie had a great finish to the year with two first place results. Jamie, Steve, and I will be joining the masters classification against Raed and Jody. I edged out Mike by 1 point to make the classification. Novice to masters in two years!

I suppose now that I’m doing well I should branch out to do other events. If I could justify travel costs I would love to do a J-Tour event!

Added a bunch of plaques to my board:

Added a bunch of plaques!

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