Purchasing an Xplorer Mark 3

I finally did it! Six months of saving and a bonus from work allowed me to pull the trigger on an Xplorer Mark 3!

Mike and His Xplorer Mark 3

Just assembled not finished

This model is out of this world in terms of quality. Everything seams are sealed. There is no molding marks. The tail group! Oh, the tail group! When I picked up the rudder I thought there was something wrong. It was so light!

My 3.5 year old for size comparison to the Xplorer Mark 3

My 3.5 year old for size comparison

For a 4 meter (154 inches) glider I am amazed at how light it feels. The size really makes this impressive.

Here are the weights:

Center Panel 591g
Right Tip 234g
Left Tip 225g
Horizontal 47g
Vertical 26g
Fuse 239g
Joiners 42g
Hardware 35g

Total: 1439g 

That’s amazing that a glider of that size weighs under 51oz! Obviously there are some weights that are not in that figure. The servos, servo trays, wiring harness, and a few other odds and ends will probably add another 10 or so oz to the final weight. If it comes in under 62oz I’ll be very, very happy.

Soaring USA

I want to give a shout out to SoaringUSA. Bob, Annette, and crew over there are great people. Their customer service is second to none. When I make a purchase that is this expensive I prefer to talk to a real person instead of submitting it through a web interface. Bob and Annette took care of all my pre-sale questions. Annette made sure that I was getting exactly what I needed!

Above all, however, is the packaging. SoaringUSA makes every other shipper seem second rate with how well this model was packed!

Xplorer MK3 Packaging

WOW, just wow!

Unless FedEx was going to be navigating through a warzone I doubt anything would have hurt this model. After removing the large amount of bubble wrap and foam packaging I was greeted by a pristine model. Absolutely perfect!

Stay tuned for the build! I have just under 2 weeks to get it ready for FSS #3 at the IRKS field in Cocoa, FL!

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