Another Reason I Hate My Job

I’m on the “innovations” team at my work. I’m supposed to come up with innovative new solutions so that our products don’t linger in the past. All too often my team gets disbanded for a while to work on other items due to the nature of other teams. Our solutions are often held hostage by legacy implementations which no one will update or migrate to support the type of cutting edge internet applications my team is tasked with creating.

Here’s a gem I found recently. We wanted task data from one of our systems. We were told that the manner we wanted to display it was impossible because the queries were slow. In the end, after some arguing about it, we tried to look at the business logic for getting the data. It ended up being in SQL stored procedures. Not a couple, but a lot. This is only a small subset of what we were looking to get:

Crappy Stored Procedures

Crappy Stored Procedures

I guess another feature will have to be cut from the release!

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