2015 FSS Wrap-up

2015 was my first year doing soaring events. I really enjoyed flying with the Florida Soaring Society! Now that 2015 has come and gone I thought I would post a quick 2015 FSS wrap-up.

2015 FSS Wrap-up

In 2015 I participated in four Florida Soaring Society contests. Each contest consisted of two events held on a Saturday and Sunday. I actually completed seven total events. On the eighth event I lost my Gracia Maxi and didn’t finish. Basically, I really enjoyed 7 days of competitive soaring with a great group of people and had one stinker of day.

For the first couple of events I participated in the novice class. The novice class is for those that haven’t yet competed in any events. The next competitor class is expert. This class is where most competitors end up. For competitors that are at the top of their game there is the masters class. The masters class is invite only. There are six spots. The top pilots from the last year are invited into this class.

Now, I thought that for the rest of the year I would fly as an expert. I’m pretty sure that is how my scores were being calculated and compared. However, it seems like I ended up at the top of the novice class for 2015!

2015 Scores

1st Place Dillon Graves
2nd Place Jeff Duval
1st Place Raed Elazzawi
2nd Place John Kennedy
3rd Place Paul Mittendorff
4th Place Gordon Buckland
5th Place Ben Thomas
1st Place Michael Gardner
2nd Place Doug Cepuran

Looking at the FSS 2015 Year-End Scoring I ended up with 6,252 points. That would have put me in 4th place in expert. That’s assuming the points aren’t normalized. If that’s true then I consider that a pretty good accomplishment for my first year of soaring!

Since I’ve now had a year of competition under my belt I’m surely going to be in the expert class next year. FSS Pilot Classifications for 2016 shows that yes, I’m an expert class pilot for 2016 on. Hopefully one day I’ll end up in that masters class division!

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