Sbach 342: Build Update 1

Hinging the Wings

Previously I talked about getting a new Skyline-RC Sbach 342. The other night I started work on putting it together.

There was no paper manual in the box but a CD which contained an electronic version. When I ordered the model I looked to see if I could find a copy online. I couldn’t find one so I thought that it would be a good idea for me to upload it: Skyline-RC Manual for 70 Series. Hopefully it will help others looking for the same information.

Anyhow, the first thing in the manual is hinging the ailerons. The last couple ARF builds I’ve done this relatively simple task presented issues. The hinges would get messed up and I couldn’t get the surface correct. The problem I faced before was thick CA hinges and narrow slots cut in the wood. Also I would try to glue one half in first and then try to match up the slots on the other side.

This time I found the slots cut from the factory to be satisfactory. They weren’t so sloppy that I was worried that the CA wouldn’t take to the balsa and not too tight as to make it difficult to slide in the hinge. I also took a T-pin and pushed it through the hinge at the halfway point. This allowed me push each hinge into its slot on the aileron and then push the other side of the hinge into the corresponding slot in the wing. The T-pin prevented the slots from being pushed too far into the aileron making for equal portions of hinge material to be in the aileron and the wing.

I’ve always seen the above technique in manuals but have never had it fully explained to me nor have I tried it till now. Previously, my thought was that doing it in this manner would prevent a good amount of CA from getting to the balsa. My assumption, and I hope this is correct, is that the hinge material soaks in the CA and distributes it to the balsa. I tried to make sure that I put a good amount of thin CA on the top and bottom of the hinge where a slight bit of it was visible. I worked the aileron up and down in order to help the CA get down and seat the hinge into the slot.

After letting it sit for a few minutes I tugged on the aileron and it didn’t give way. I think this is the way I’ll be doing control surfaces from now on.

I also took the time to put in the wing servos. I’m using the TowerPro 996R digital metal gear servos on everything. They’re a bit heavy but I had 5 of them sitting around from a Lancair that I destroyed.

Hinged Wings

Wings hinged and servos mounted.

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