Spektrum Telemetry Reader – Pre-Alpha Build

Here’s a little update on a project I’ve been working on. The Spektrum Telemetry Reader is an Android app to read Spektrum telemetry data.

Altitude for a flight.

Altitude for a flight.

The Spektrum Telemetry Reader

I’ve completed another alpha build of the Telemetry Reader for Android. It’s relatively stable. Obviously there are ways to make it crash. I’m mainly using it as a visual verification that the data from the library is coming back correctly. I’m also attempting my first hybrid application using the Ionic Framework (an extension of Cordova) and want to validate some of the design choices that I’ve made.

Download the compressed APK: Telemetry Reader for Android

You’ll need to decompress it (most 3rd party file explorers for Android should be able to do this). To install it you’ll need to enable non-store installs. This can be done in settings (you can Google this; I’m not writing a whole post on how to do this). Obviously when I go to release the beta and official version 1 of the app you won’t do this, it will be downloaded from the Play Store.

I’m ready to release an official Alpha on the Play Store. I only need some graphic assets to meet the requirements of the Play Store listing. The big advantage of doing this is that I can send updates out and receive feedback in a structured manner.

Here’s the timeline:

Items Left Before Official Alpha on Play Store

  • Need an Icon!
  • Need some artwork for the listing

Items Left Before Official Beta on Play Store

  • All Items in Alpha
  • Checking sensor information in header blocks
  • Showing some summary information based on the head blocks
  • Clean up UI for selecting flights and series
  • Move native processing to a background service
  • Work on a more efficient way to handle large data amounts when switching displayed series

Items Left Before Official Release

  • Items in Beta
  • No major bugs with UI handling of data
  • No major decoding bugs / proper handling of errors when an unknown issue arrises.
  • Associate .TLM files with app so that clicking on one in any Android app will allow this app to handle opening it

You can leave comments here on this post, file a bug on the GitHub project, or post in the RCGroups thread.

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