Covering the Sunbird Wing

Another part of my Sunbird build series! (Update #1 and #2)

The last major piece of building is to finish covering the wing. After that It’s almost like an ARF build!

Looks kind of cool with only the bottom covered.

Looks kind of cool with only the bottom covered.

Wing Covering - Bottom


These pictures look better than seeing the finished product in person. The white stripes did not come out nearly as nice as I had hoped they would. Next time I think I’ll cover everything the solid color that I want and then go back and remove the sections to be covered differently. Doing the other half of the wing all blue was much, much easier!

Ran out of blue...

Ran out of blue…

I was going to do the top of the wing all one color, the translucent blue. I started unrolling the covering and realized I was a few inches short of one complete piece of covering. Since the wing wasn’t that wide I could have pieced it together to get a solid blue on top. It then occurred to me that I could just use some white. I should have used the purple instead and did the whole outer panels of the upper side in a single color. That would have made for some cool blending on the ailerons and tips. Oh well! I guess I’m going to have to build another one!

The top of the wing. Covering finished!

The top of the wing. Covering finished!

Not the worst, but far from the best. Like I said in my last update, all I hope is that it flies!

Items left to complete:

  • Cover canopy
  • Fit and install nose
  • Control linkages
  • Electronics setup
  • Launch hook.

If I’m lucky there is only another day or two of work before I can go get some hand tosses in to see how it glides.

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