Chrome and ADB Device Detection Issue

Lately I’ve been working on an app for viewing Spektrum Telemetry on Android. While I’m using the Ionic Framework and Apache’s Cordova project to do the UI, I still need to do native functions.

I’ve written my own plugin to do these functions. While working on my native functionality I’ve come across the need to debug in order to see how certain things behave while running on my Nexus devices. To do this I need to have ADB recognize my device.

Lately I’ve been having an issue where I have no devices detected on any of my machines. This baffled me since I’m using Ubuntu and a Nexus device. There should be no odd driver issues. In the beginning I tried restarting both devices. This would sometimes work.


OK. If you’re not getting your device to show in ADB try doing this: If you’re using the chrome://inspect tab or any other application which may use ADB, close that tab or application. When I closed the chrome://inspect tab and only had Android Studio and terminal open I was able to get ADB to recognize my device without having to do a restart.

It seems like chrome://inspect is messing with native ADB functions. Once ADB recognizes your device you can then open the chrome://inspect tab to look at your Ionic/Cordova WebView.

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