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As a bit of last notice news, there are a couple of RC events that are going to be the first weekend in May.

Top Gun

The US, and probably world’s, premier scale model competition happens right in Florida’s backyard. If you have a chance to get over to Lakeland, FL April 29th through May 3rd for Top Gun. You’ll get to see awesome warbirds and jets take to the skies in an attempt to earn the title Mr. Top Gun. It is 5 days of seriously awesome scale competition. The chance to see everything from a Moki 400cc 5-cylinder powered P-47 to twin turbine F-14 Tomcats makes the show great for all followers of scale RC aircraft and enthusiasts of general aviation! If you live on the Spacecoast or in Central Florida then you should try to get there for at least one day.

I tried to go last year. The weather was not cooperative and I ended up only attempting to head over for one day. By the time we got there it was lightly raining. We were shooed away by a not too happy gate manager. The Lakeland Regional Airport has a pretty nice cafe. My my dad and I ate lunch there and then decided to find a local museum called Sun ‘N FUN. The museum was actually very nice. They have a great collection of aircraft and aviation history. We spent at least an hour and half to two hours just walking around.

When we decided to leave we were greeted with the sound of a model airplane in the air. To our surprise we saw a good sized P-51 rise over the treetops. My dad and I hopped into the car and drove over to the RC airfield. It turns out that after the rain cleared up many pilots wanted to get in some good ‘ol fun flying. We got to see many great planes including the previous year’s winning plane. I also got to see my first turbine powered RC jets. Absolutely amazing!

I cannot recommend it enough to get over there and check out the show!

Florida Soaring Society Mixed Winch/ALES #2

As much as I love Top Gun I also have a passion for RC soaring. For some reason FSS decided the weekend of Top Gun would be great to hold their second mixed launch thermal duration event! I had so much fun at the first one that I am going to not go to Top Gun during the weekend and instead attend both days at KennyWorld the OWLS field just outside of Morriston, FL. Since that first event I have been looking forward to the rest of the contest schedule.

I’ve never been to the One Wing Low Squadron’s field at KennyWorld but I have heard good things about it from club members. It’s about an hour from Gainesville, FL so the trip won’t be too bad. It would be nice, though, if more of my local fliers were into soaring and would like to carpool down. Other than this event and the one locally in Gainesville, I’ll have to travel to participate. The only thing nice about that is the other events are within 30 minutes of my parent’s house. I just need to talk my dad into participating in them too!

Here is the schedule for the 2015 FSS events. You can also check the Sailplane Events forum on RCGroups.com for more information for a specific event.

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