My First Android App Published

PowerUp 3.0 is out and is awesome!

The official app can only control one PowerUp module at a time. While this isn’t bad nor does it detract from the use of the PowerUp 3.0, I really wanted to be able to fly an aircraft that had more than one module attached.

The source was made available GitHub! I forked it!

I added in the ability to bind two modules. One module can be bound as “left” and setup on the left side of the aircraft. Another module can be bound as “right” and set on the right side of the aircraft.

Right now the motor in each module runs in sync. This means that as the throttle is changed each module responds exactly the same. The rudders still work in the same manner. In the app I have included a setting that correlates the “roll” of the device, the same input for the standard rudder, to motor speed. This means that as you roll your device to turn left, the left motor slows. This causes the aircraft to yaw to the left.

I’ve been trying to use two modules, one on each side of a rubber band balsa plane. I’ll try on getting some pictures and videos of my flights.

Well… Get the app!

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