Value Hobby Aviator 60 Update

I am closing in on about a dozen or so flights on my Value Hobby Aviator 60.

It is an awesome flying plane. I highly, highly recommend it. If you’re looking for a nice high-wing plane then there is no reason you shouldn’t be considering it.

I did just have one issue with it. After my last flight on a day full of good flying action I noticed the covering peeling back on the fuselage. With the generous amount of oil from the 2-stroke fuel giving it a gritty look it kind of reminded me of those old WWII photos of shot-up B-25’s.

Flack Damage Flack Damage

 I ended up going over most of it with an iron to get it seal. I then got some polyurethane and covered the seams. That seems to have made a tight seal. The only drawback is that after curing, the polyurethane when cured on white is slightly off color. The clean white covering makes the covering with the sealant look yellow.

While working on the Aviator I decided to switch out the aileron setup from a single channel to two separate channels. This allows me to run a flaperon setup. Even swinging a 12 x 4 prop the SuperTigre .60 just doesn’t want to slow down when I get off the throttle. Using flaperons I should be able to bleed off the speed and then setup to a nice slow approach for landing.

I’ve done some touch-and-goes with them on. The problem I’m having is that the trim seems to be a bit off when they’re in the down position. My next step is to set the DX18 to use flight modes and then have separate trim settings for the ailerons in a flight mode. What this will allow me to do is have my normal flying trim when I’m in the “Normal Flight” flight mode. Then I can flip a switch to “Landing” flight mode and have a separate trim. My plan is to take the plane up a couple hundred feet and switch over to the “Landing” flight mode and slowly take off throttle. I’ll trim the plane out and hopefully get a good view of what the stall speed will be.

If all goes according to plan I’ll have a nice setup!

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