SPMReader Update

Here is a quick update regarding the SPMReader application I created for Spektrum RC Aircraft Radios.

It’s been about a month since I announced the SPMReader application. The amount of work that I’ve been able to put into the application hasn’t been as much as I hoped. The biggest updated is that the application now supports the following radios and features:

  • DX18
    • Converts the SPM to a standardized XML format.
  • DX8
    • Converts the SPM to a standardized XML format.
    • Currently working on the conversion.

It doesn’t look like much now, but the first two points under each radio is important. Once a standardized XML is created it helps facilitate the conversion from one radio to another.

Right now it looks like I may try to keep this Spektrum focused. The conversion process will be much easier between different models. I also don’t have any other manufacturers’ radios.

Please checkout the GitHub project! Please fork the project and improve on it! I’m always looking for input and help!

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