Announcing SPMReader

So after a few comments on the DX18 Template Editing Application showing some interest I decided to create a quick POC type project on GitHub.

The application is called SPMReader. This application reads the SPM files from Spektrum radios (currently only the DX18). Currently it is written in .NET 4.5.1. There’s no reason that it couldn’t be compiled in a more Mono friendly version of .NET, though.

If you’re on a WinOS or have access to a Windows VM I suggest grabbing the latest version of Visual Studio Dev Express and trying it out. I’m not ruling out a Java port. I’m just more comfortable in the IDE and language that I use day-to-day on the job.

Currently the application will take a SPM file and convert it to an intermediary XML format. The XML contains the data and descriptors about how the data was formatted in the original document. Included in the project is an XSD document to describe the XML which I’ve used to generate C# classes.

Still to do are to make the writer classes and work on genericizing how the data is stored in XML. Any help or suggestions (bug reports) would go a long way!

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