Customer Service – OneAll

Good customer service is always appreciated. The old adage, “a customer that has a good experience will tell his friends where as a customer that has a bad experience will tell everyone they meet,” holds very true. I want to let everyone I know which reads this blog know about some very good customer service that I received even when I didn’t even know that I needed it. This morning I received the following email from regarding my social login plugin service for this blog: Hi Michael, Please take a few minutes to setup your Social Login Plugin for LinkedIn. … Continue reading

RC Aircraft

I can remember the when I fell in love with RC aircraft. My dad took me with him when he purchased a Schluter MiniBoy. I wrote a rant on RC helicopters a while back. I was upset at the time because I really wanted to take my involvement with the hobby to a higher level. The fact that I failed at the beginning was wearing on me. I got my 450 clone and started looking at what I needed to do in order to make it flight ready. My first pass found that the gear drive for the belt system to the tail … Continue reading