PS3 Updates Suck

The PlayStation was an amazing console. So was it’s successor the PlayStation2. Even the XBOX was great. Why are they better than the PlayStation3 and XBOX 360?

Simple, they didn’t require constant updates!

Some people will argue that a console having updates is important to add new features, fix issues, and otherwise improve the product after its release. That’s great. Let’s just give companies a license to release crap products and then update them at their leisure!

I’ll admit, there are cool features that come down in updates. I’m excited when a new version of Android drops. I’m always looking forward to the next release of Ubuntu or Windows.

There’s a huge difference between those updates and console updates. When there is an Android, Windows, OS X, or Ubuntu update it is generally opt in and does not cripple the system until you update. Sure, by not updating you’re not getting the best experience, less bugs, or support, but with non-console systems you still have the ability to use the device as it sits. Imagine if Android prevented you from making phone calls until you were on the latest version. What if your computer refused to run any of your applications till you took all the updates? This is what is like with consoles.

My big gripe comes from the fact that I mainly use my PS3 as an entertainment hub. I use Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix. Both of these services require me to log into the PlayStation Network. I can only log onto the PlayStation Network if I have the latest version of the PlayStation operating system. Why?! I can understand certain instances where game functionality might be hindered without the update. However, to me how is this any different than any other OS update?

The only reason I can think of, and it is a crappy reason, is for piracy and/or holding on to control of their “ecosystem”. This kind of excuse is lame. You’re going to lock legitimate customers out of their applications? Meh.

The reason there is piracy and hackers of console systems is to get around the bullcrap that a user is being put through. Seriously, look at DVDs! There are probably 3 to 5 minutes of warnings and other messages about anti-piracy you have to go through to watch the actual movie. You know who wins there? Pirates of course!

Geez! I’m pissed off for this stupid thing?! GAH!

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