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I never really set out to make this a top tier blog. I’ve talked about this previously. However, one thing I really had hoped was that if I created some original content that somewhere out there would be a person or hopefully a few people that wanted to hear what I had to say. This goes especially regarding my software engineering and Android articles.

Well it turns out that I’ve finally created some content that someone else has deemed worthy of consuming! I’ve been getting regular traffic from my Xceed Data Grid articles. The topic they cover seems to hit home with a few developers out there and the refers to my site come from the original discussion which shows up in a highly ranked Google search.

I recently got another set of incoming links regarding some of the Android security I discussed when talking about the Xpose framework. This article which links to mine is about changing the DPI and UI of apps on Android in a manner that is similar to the Paranoid Android ROM. I’m very happy that I finally got linked in another blog for my original content.

Blogs tend to be echo chambers. One site posts something and another just rehashes it. Sometimes all they’re doing is paraphrasing but at best it can just be adding in their own opinion. I strive and hope that the content here is original and helpful. Even though I have my share of lighthearted posts I try to keep my technical ones very informative.

That said I want to know if there are any topics you would like to hear more about. I have extensive knowledge about many software engineering practices. One of my goals is to produce a series of Team Foundation Server posts covering customized builds to continuous integration. I may not be able to drop the latest rumors about the hottest new Android phone, but I can discuss a lot about various topics.

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