Google Voice Down?

Is Google Voice Down for anyone? I can’t seem to send text messages or get folder contents back on my Android phone. I really like Google Voice but why does Google treat it like a bastard child? It is so powerful and offers Google so many more marketing and advertising options. I hope they get this issue worked out soon. Edit: Looks like it is back up this morning.

PS3 Updates Suck

The PlayStation was an amazing console. So was it’s successor the PlayStation2. Even the XBOX was great. Why are they better than the PlayStation3 and XBOX 360? Simple, they didn’t require constant updates! Some people will argue that a console having updates is important to add new features, fix issues, and otherwise improve the product after its release. That’s great. Let’s just give companies a license to release crap products and then update them at their leisure! I’ll admit, there are cool features that come down in updates. I’m excited when a new version of Android drops. I’m always looking … Continue reading

Blog Traffic – Update 2

I never really set out to make this a top tier blog. I’ve talked about this previously. However, one thing I really had hoped was that if I created some original content that somewhere out there would be a person or hopefully a few people that wanted to hear what I had to say. This goes especially regarding my software engineering and Android articles. Well it turns out that I’ve finally created some content that someone else has deemed worthy of consuming! I’ve been getting regular traffic from my Xceed Data Grid articles. The topic they cover seems to hit home … Continue reading


Well, the wind calmed down tremendously but it still seems to have affected the swim. It appears that the swim was shortened or altered. Now I wait while the wife bikes.

Windy Day For A Race

It’s very windy here at Vinoy Park. If it stays this windy I don’t know if they’ll do the swim. It might become too copy. It will make the bike suck for sure!