Xceed DataGridControl Watermark Removal Example Application

Some people have had trouble working through my example for the Xceed Community DataGridControl Watermark Removal. I had several posts show up on the Community Toolkit discussion thread asking for help or that it didn’t work.

Linked at the bottom of this post is a VS2012 project that gives an example of how to use the extension method. From reading the discussion thread it seems that some may not understand extension methods. Here is a link to a MSDN C# programming article about extension methods. If there is interest I’ll write up a post going though the article with my pointers on it.  Just let me know in the comments if this would be helpful.

A couple of notes about the project.  First is that the solution is VS2012, but if I remember correctly there is no problem opening it in VS2010. The sole WPF application project targets .NET 4.0. The solution uses NuGet to get its dependencies and should do so when the solution is first compiled. I also modified the extension method to have two methods. There is a removal method and a show method. They do the obvious.

This solution is set to use version 1.9 of the Xceed Community Controls. I have not tested this with the 1.8 release. The NuGet package file is set to lock the version to 1.9.

Download It! XceedGridExample.zip

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