Want To Be Pissed?!

You want to be pissed? I mean really passed? Go rent Inside Job.

Holy Shit! These guys make Gordon Grekko look like a saint or a chairman of a not-for-profit!

I screwed up when I got into IT and CISE. I should have stayed in business school, went to Wall Street and got into that orgy.

Even if I made a few million screwing over everyone in the US nothing bad would’ve happened when things crashed. What would I have done after the crash? Like the rest of those duchebags I could’ve gotten cush jobs consulting the government. Heck, as of this moment I wouldn’t even have to worry about a criminal prosecution.

The whole damn movie has me pissed!

To quote the movie:

A financial engineer makes 4 times as much money as I do. I build a product. They build dreams, or more likely nightmares.

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