Watching Skyfall

I love me some bond. After Quantum of Solice I had to see Skyfall. Just didn’t get to watch it in theaters. Follow along as I drink martinis and watch the movie…

First Martini

Starting in Shanghai…

Baddie with crazy gun…

Cool toy, but now you’re going to get dropped off the side of the building.

Ok, M. He. Is. Terminated.

It’s YouTube M; File A DMCA Notice

They’ll take down anything!

Now I want a straight edge razor…

Straight Razors ARE EXPENSIVE!

I like this one. Wouldn’t mind this either.

Dude Gonna Get Bit By A Lizard

Oh wait, he’s just going to get eaten by that lizard.

Second Martini

Oh man, I hope this doesn’t turn out like Swordfish.


I’d gladly drink it and be OK with dying. Oh wait…


He’s Going To Use Those Teeth

To get out of his cell. Yes, leave him with that one inept guard…


“He’s using a polymorphic engine…” “It’s like a Rubics cube that is fighting back…” Just, just stop!

They Should Have Casted Sr. Anthony Hopkins For the Bad Guy

He would’ve made it a bit more creepy-ier.

“Health and safety. Carry on…”

If bond just fired his PPK into the air once. Then people would get the hell out’a the way.

I Admire Villians…

They have everything down to the minute planned 20 years into the future.

Ok, so now shoot up everything as a policeman…


WITH AN EJECTOR SEAT! Oh, ya drink that Heineken.

Buggered. I like that term. Moving that to my daily vernacular.

Is that Patrick Stuart’s house? (sorry, Sr. Patrick Stuart…)

Why Would You Go For The House? Take THE CAR!

If M is going to retire I want to suggest that Maggie Smith take her place.


You assholes. At least he got the helio.

Third Martini

Oh noes, don’t do that Mr. Kincade.


Hi. I’m Bond. Of course, we all knew that would happen.

Well. I didn’t Expect M to Die…


Ms. Moneypenny!

She shot Bond!!!

SO. That’s how it ends. Damn…

Quantum is better than Casino Royal. This is worst than them both. I pray, pray, that Danial does another Bond. I really had hoped that this would play into the Quantum saga. The resolution at the end of this movie isn’t that great. When M came on as head of MI6 the cannon was that she inherited it from a man that was like that of character who became the head of MI6 at the end of this flick.

Perhaps this is saying that Bond is cyclical. That in the end the character never dies; just new views on his missions are brought to life. Meh. Wasn’t impressed and glad I didn’t see this one in the theater.

Daniel Craig

I don’t care how much Daniel Craig get’s messed up at the beginning of Skyfall, I’d trade most anything for a body like that. God I love to be able to wear a suit like that!

Android Security Risks

Android is a pretty solid operating system. Like any operating system it has some issues regarding system security. In the area of system security there are some obvious holes we could talk about. Almost all (actually I can’t think of any that have not) phones have been rooted through some security exploit. For the uninitiated having a rooted phone or obtaining root on your phone is akin to being system administrator on your PC. You can do anything to the Android system, essentially you have God Mode. For obvious reasons no manufactures ship their phones with root enabled. Doing so would put … Continue reading

NuGet, A New Way to Get Libraries

Nuget Logo

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Dell Ubuntu Laptop

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Xceed DataGridControl Watermark Removal Example Application

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Why Don’t You Have a Blog?

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Google Reader Shuttered


It’s not really news that Google has been closing services recently. Most of them truly have a limited user base and probably cost more for Google to maintain than were profitable. When I mean profitable I mean both as a revenue generating manner through ads, technology proving ground, or user information gathering. This is why it is very hard for me to believe that Google is now closing Google Reader. Yes, you read that correctly.  Google will be powering down Google Reader as of July 1st of this year. I have watched other Google services close and often thought to myself, … Continue reading