Actual First Post

So, I’ve finally got the basics set up of my WP site.  Learning some of this WP stuff is very interesting!  I guess after a Hello World post to make sure everything is working I should actually write a first post.

Over the past couple of days I setup this WordPress site using free hosting provided by GoDaddy with the registration of a domain name.  What I’ve found out is that GoDaddy has this wonderful free hosting, but the hosting sucks.  I suppose it’s there to draw you in and up-sell you to their pay hosting plans.  It still works, and I’m very thankful that I am getting to use it, but it’s a pain.  Put it this way, I never thought that it was impossible to set permissions on a single file!

As a web developer I know making web applications can be daunting.  I can only imagine that making all the pages and code to interface with the underlying components of hosting, domain management, etc. is complex.  I’m currently writing an installer that interfaces with IIS and SharePoint Foundation 2010.  Automating things that only have a working API is crazy.  I can only image the number of scripts, powershell, etc. that is running beneath the actual web application.

With all the aggravation of GoDaddy’s hosting setup I couldn’t get a few things to work on my WP setup.  I consider myself pretty tech savvy, I know about a lot of things, but I could never get the WP-Minify plugin to work.  Mostly because of the permissions issue, but after making the whole directory writable it worked.  However in the end the plugin killed all the CSS on the page.  I never figured out how to get things to work correctly with it.  Perhaps when I get tons of visitors I may need to revisit this…

Now that I have a working blog I can write about whatever I want!  I doubt anyone will ever read this stuff, but as I read on one of my favorite blogs, CodingHorror, the more you write about the better you get at communicating.  Jeff Atwood, the author of the blog, has made a point throughout his posts that refining one’s craft is something everyone must do.  I can only hope that spending time writing on this blog about my experiences with .NET, Android, and life that I can refine myself into a better person both professionally and personally.

I doubt that my writing here will be anywhere near as influential or informative as Jeff’s.  Perhaps it is my own narcissism  but I’d like to believe that what I write here will somehow give me an audience and a voice to others that have common interests and/or help others along their path to answering questions that I’ve pondered over and eventually found a solution.

So, that’s all for now.  I’m going to do my best to regularly update this site.  My goal is to post my thoughts and ideas around the stuff I work on, .NET, but expect to see Android related posts, rants, and accounts of my life.


So I forgot to mention that there is an RSS feed for the site.  Simply click this link or add to your favorite RSS reader.  I use and love Google Reader.  Every time I post it will show up in a list of my articles.  I’ll post a full explanation of RSS is in another post.

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6 Responses to Actual First Post

  1. Kenny says:

    Hey man! That’s awesome to see that you started a blog. I’ve been thinking of doing the same but I didn’t know what site was good at doing it on. Ive looked through numerous Android apps for a blog. Maybe I’ll take your motivation on beginning one to start one of my own finally. Keep writing!

    • Mike says:

      I edited the post to point out the RSS feed for the site. I’m not sure if you use Google Reader, but if you do you it will let you know whenever I post new content. I also use it to keep up on my favorite Android sites, Android Police and Droid-Life.

      By the way, did you use the social plugin to login or did you just give your name and email address? I just want to make sure my social login plugin is working for everyone.

  2. Liz says:

    Nice, Mike. I think blogs are awesome. I really do believe writing, no matter what it’s about, helps you grow as a person. For me, I’ve always found it stimulates my creativity. I’m sure if I had a blog it would be a lot about Chester, baking, and crafting. If I had a daughter as cute as Ainsley, it would be about Ainsley 🙂 I look forward to more posts. Every now and then you’ll have to go light on the tech savvy talk and go heavier on the stuff about your life (ie. Ainsley).

    Final thought: This reminds me of when I had a livejournal – I really treated it more like a blog. It was how I taught myself a lot of HTML code basics. Of course, I haven’t used them in years and haven’t looked at my livejournal in years, but it was cool that learned it at some point.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks Liz,
      Let me know if you ever want to setup a blog. I found WordPress very, very easy to setup. You can set up one on their site or you can get your own domain and hosting. Hosting cost a little more (it’s what I’m doing) but you get your own domain name and complete control over the whole site.