Magnum XL 70 RFS 4-Stroke Engine (Red Bull 540 Update)

I blasted out an update on the Red Bull 540 build rather quickly. I am stuck trying to get the plane in a fly-able condition. This is why I haven’t had another update on the plane. I can’t fly it! I ordered a Magnum XL 70 RFS 4-stroke glow engine from If you read the update post you’ll know that ordering from was a pleasure. However, getting the engine to work has not. I am having some trouble getting this engine running correctly. After searching around with Google and looking through posts here and other forums I cannot find a … Continue reading

Airfoilz Foamie Planes

I just ordered and received an Airfoilz Edge 540 NX plane. This isn’t the build thread. While waiting for the plane to arrive I wanted to familiarize myself with how it was built. Turns out I couldn’t find the manual online. Here are the manuals that came on the CD. Hopefully your Google search will land you here! Airfoilz NX Series Airfoilz NX Manual Bipe NX Manual Ver 1 Full Fuse Planes Bearcat Bearcat Manual Bearcat Part Sheet Rev 1 Edge 540 Edge 540 FF Manual – Ver 1 Edge 540 Part Sheet Extra 260 Extra 260 Manual (DropBox) Extra … Continue reading

Red Bull Zivko Edge 540 Build

Initial Fitting

I fell in love with the Red Bull Zivko Edge 540 planes from the Red Bull Air Race World Championships. They invoke the feeling of speed and performance, not to mention they look amazing. After some searching I found a RC model of the planes. This is my build thread for the plane. Continue reading

Value Hobby Aviator 60 ARF Build

Value Hobby Aviator 60 ARF Build This past Christmas my dad decided to feed my model addiction by giving me a Value Hobby Aviator 60 ARF. If you’re looking for a good high wing aerobatic trainer or just a good lazy afternoon plane then look no further! At the time of this post this ARF cost $100. To my dad’s house it was less than $130. You read that correctly, the ARF to your door should be less than $130! Now, you’re probably think that for only $130 it has got to be a piece of junk. I can say … Continue reading

Open Flight Stabilizer Update

Recently I wrote up an article about how to flash the Open FlightStab software to the Orange RX RS3X. I’ve sense flashed the open source program to another standalone stabilizer and one integrated receiver/stabilizer combo. Each one was pretty easy. With the cost of the RS3X and DSM2 receiver being so low it doesn’t hurt having a couple of these around for that next “project” that comes along. How Does It Fly? Flashing the Open FlightStab is one thing, but how does it fly? Today I got a chance to fly two of my airplanes with the stabilizers. I’ve been … Continue reading

Open Flight Stabilizer for the Orange RS3X

Update July 14th, 2015: I originally wrote this article 2 years ago. I’ve gone through and updated some of the links and text. Most notably there is much more in terms of availability for some of the parts such as the USBAsp and flashing tool. Also, Orange RX now has more product in the US warehouses including a stabilizer combined with a 6-ch RX. Open Flight Stabilizer I recently purchased a V2 version of the Orange RS3X from It’s a pretty nice little stabilizer for the price. My only real gripe after trying it is that Hobby King takes … Continue reading

DX18 Template Editing Application

Update: SPMReader Announcement I’ve decided to go ahead and create a parser type application for SPM files. Please read more here: Announcing SPMReader I’m looking to start a new software project. I have a Spektrum DX18 2.4 GHz radio which I use to fly my model aircraft. It’s an impressive radio. One of the cool features is that you can move data files to and from the radio’s internal memory to a SD card. The idea is that you can take the file and back it up or give it to others for use as a template. Using the export/import … Continue reading