Beyerdynamic Headphones

I’ve come up on a small work problem. I’ve broken my wonderful Beyerdynamic DT-660 headphones. They’ve made a great entry into the world of audiophile grade listening equipment. The problem that I’ve run into is that their build quality just isn’t up to the task of supporting someone who uses their headphones at work. It’s not because the environment is abusive to headphones. Well, not in a manner that I thought of when I made the purchase. The problem I ran into is that through the repetitive on and off of the headphones from my head during the normal course … Continue reading

NuGet Package Publishing

Nuget Logo

Remember when I told you about the awesomeness that is NuGet? No?! Well go read about it silly! I only told you half the story. Consuming packages in your projects is very helpful for most developers. Why reinvent the wheel? However, once you create a library why not share it with others? This article will explain how to go about publish a package to a NuGet feed. I will discuss what you need to prepare your library for package style deployment. Covering the actual packaging will follow the preparation phase.  The last item I will cover will be versioning. Turning Your Library Into … Continue reading

Put Your Android Phone Into Hyperdrive!

Just read an article about ROMing your phone? If you have and want to take your phone to the next level of performance, both in terms of speed and battery life you should check out a custom kernel. The kernel is the central point in most modern day operating systems. It sits between running applications and the actual computer processing parts of your system. Using a custom kernel can allow you to enhance the functionality in this critical system component. Since kernels play a key role in how the day-to-day applications use your hardware it makes sense that tweaking the kernel … Continue reading

Speed Your Android Phone Up, ROM IT!

I’m planning on getting the topic of ROMing your Android phone in the future, however I’ve been asked a few times as of late how to make your Android phone faster and what am I running on my phone to make it blazing fast. The simple answer is that I’ve rooted, unlocked my bootloader for a custom kernel, and am running a custom ROM. The more complex answer, and this is for the more initiated of those Android users out there, is that I’m running an unofficial nightly of CyanogenMod 10.1. Say What? So I have a Galaxy S3 by … Continue reading

Xposed Framework – Android Security

Alrighty, let me put on my software engineering hat and pickup on some regular blogging about important topics! This is a continuation of my discussion on Android Security. Last time I talked about obtaining root on your phone. Once a phone is rooted the ability to modify system files can be requested by any application running on the phone. The key point being that applications request the ability to operate as the root user, they are not given the ability to do so by default. I’ve recently been reading about a project called the Xposed Framework. It’s a Github project designed to add hooks into the various methods … Continue reading