Clicky Keyboards

Do you like clicky, clackity, or silent? What Goes Into a Keyboard? There are many different types of keyboards out there.  Keyboards are pretty much a necessity in our computing world. There are standard keyboards, ergonomic keyboards, gaming keyboards, etc. Why are there so many different types? Well it ranges from differences in technology, cost, and well, different strokes for different folks. Depending on what type of device you have you have encountered probably the two major types. There are other “exotic” types of keyboards out there. Maybe a co-worker has one, perhaps you’ve heard of the old IBM M … Continue reading

All Hail Android

Do You Own a Smartphone? Most likely you do. Changes are incredibly high that you own an Android smartphone. Currently Android is on the most commonly used smartphone OS in the world. While Android cannot say that it started the smartphone revolution, perhaps Apple can claim that title, it can proudly say that it brought the idea of the what a smartphone should be to the masses. Brought the idea to the masses? Look at the newest features of the current competitors to Android. Notifications and widgets are both big features that are being touted. This post is not written … Continue reading

VisualStudio SafeMode

Much like Windows Visual Studio has a “safe mode”. This safe mode loads Visual Studio without plug-ins and extensions.

I loaded something bad this morning and couldn’t get Visual Studio to start. It would just hang at the splash screen.

You should simply be able to hit [WIN]+R and type in:

devenv /SafeMode

Once it has loaded go to “Tools” -> “Extensions and Updates”. You’ll be able to see all of your extensions installed. Start removing the most recent additions till you can get it to start without trouble.

Avalon Wizard MVVM

For the past year I’ve been relying upon a wonderful library called Avalon Wizard. It can be found over at its CodePlex site. I did my best trying to contact the maintainer of the site, but wasn’t able to get a hold of him. Turns out that he answered my discussion post, but for some reason CodePlex never alerted me to his reply! I actually had my CodePlex account setup to send to a wrong email. Avalon Wizard is a WPF control that lets you take a Window object and turn it into a wizard that looks like it came straight … Continue reading

Want To Be Pissed?!

You want to be pissed? I mean really passed? Go rent Inside Job. Holy Shit! These guys make Gordon Grekko look like a saint or a chairman of a not-for-profit! I screwed up when I got into IT and CISE. I should have stayed in business school, went to Wall Street and got into that orgy. Even if I made a few million screwing over everyone in the US nothing bad would’ve happened when things crashed. What would I have done after the crash? Like the rest of those duchebags I could’ve gotten cush jobs consulting the government. Heck, as … Continue reading

Evernote Note Encryption

Perhaps my Internet Privacy article got you thinking or maybe you’re sticking around for more Evernote tips after reading my first Evernote article. This time I’m going to combine the two so that I can talk about leveraging a privacy in Evernote. One of the first things I immediately began to do in Evernote was to store my passwords for various sites and accounts. It occurred to me a short time after I started doing this that anyone that was able to access my Evernote account now had complete access to anything on the web! Just imagine, if you’re doing … Continue reading

When You Want A User To Notice A Button

HTML Got Rid Of Blink But that doesn’t mean you can’t reproduce it. Well, I’m not using HTML; I’m using WPF. Our users were consistently missing a button because they would get into a click-through freenzy. I decided to make it standout a little more with this code: What Does That Do? It takes this image  and overlays this image  on top of it. The opacity of the image changes from 1 to 0 to 1 every 1/2 second. Of course, you switch the Panel.ZOrder from the highlight image to the other image and it will give a red glow outline to your … Continue reading

Using Evernote Web Clipper

So I am sitting here thinking about a .NET framework for MVVM and MEF that I read about at work the other day. For the life of me I cannot remember its name. IF I ONLY CLIPPED IT INTO EVERNOTE! Based on the positive feedback from my last Evernote article I thought this would be a good time to show everyone how to use the web clipper feature so that you can learn how to avoid this fate. Once you register for Evernote you will need to download the Evernote Web Clipper. The web clipper is an extension for your browser. If … Continue reading